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They also have attorneys.

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They like to pick their investments themselves and then bounce them off their financial advisors. Very few of them get divorced. They drive old cars. They hardly ever lease a car. They avoid them like the plague. Their parents instilled that in them. They are living the American Dream. All of them have retirement savings.

But they got smart after school. They self-educated themselves. My friend splits it with three people not including me. I make a mental note to pay for the car back. I couldn't believe I actually let myself pay for a big house party. Then again, it has an open bar, so the ticket is like a drink voucher.

The music gets shut down, even though the guys who are throwing it have a permit.

7 Characteristics of Debt-Free Living

Maybe I'll wait and see if someone else can stomach calling it? Two girls in my car play dumb and don't pay me. I'm definitely too drunk. Day Four. I didn't late night munch, so I wake up with sharp pains.

I hate having to snoop in my own friend's house, but I need food. I find a carton of blueberries and a yogurt in the fridge. I think this will be enough to let me sleep in more. I don't think having yogurt was the move. Two of my friend's text that they're up and want to get bagels. I agree to join them. I truly feel so nauseous. I have to sit down and let my friends order bagels for everyone. I'm in desperate need of some carbs. I know something is wrong, as this is not my usual hangover tummy ache. I run to the toilet and puke up all the yogurt I ate.

Only eat carbs after a night of drinking! I'm so thankful I got rid of the toxic shit in my system. We're all extremely hungover. I get a goat cheese and avocado wrap. I get the most delicious froyo, which I haven't had in forever. Vegan, gluten free, added sugar free mixed berry flavor with shaved coconut, choco chips, and candied walnuts.

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  • I'm driving back with the same group that I drove in with, and we agree to leave later at night so we can enjoy a yummy dinner and avoid traffic. We're all starving and decide to head back into town for sushi. The wait is 30 minutes, so we walk around town people-watching until our table is ready.

    The edamame comes out last, and my steamed veggie dumpling appetizer is forgotten. We get individual checks because some of my friends ordered drinks and some of us got more food. There's traffic and we're stuck in it for at least 40 minutes. I have a mini panic attack, as I frequently do. My anxiety usually gets the best of me after vacations. I'm glad to be seeing my therapist tomorrow. Although my BF and I are excited to spend the night together, my panic attack leaves me exhausted. Day Five.

    It can be so grueling to get back into the swing of things after a fun weekend. I get ready pretty fast because I opt out of my morning meditation and shower not a good idea to cuddle with my BF. I also make hard-boiled eggs for breakfast.

    I leave his place a little earlier just in case it takes me longer to get to work than anticipated, and buy a banana on my way to the train to snack on later. I drop off my mules at the shoe repair before heading into work. I want to get my shoes soled so I don't feel as guilty when ruining them on NYC concrete. BF offers to meet me for lunch and treats me to a Chipotle bowl.

    I get the sofritas but kinda wish I'd just gotten a veggie bowl. My fridge is completely empty from eating everything before I left for the weekend. I buy salad dressing, soy sauce, olives, a salmon fillet, feta cheese, avocados, blackberries, baby kale, a tub of Siggi's yogurt, a cauliflower head, an orange pepper, and Fuji apples. Because I have nothing else to do, I walk to my therapist's office instead of taking the subway. It's a minute walk, but it's so nice out that I use the time to listen to a podcast and stroll. I find her voice annoying sorry!

    I definitely need to take more measures to keep my anxiety at bay. I reconsider taking adaptogens and applying essential oils.

    Vitamin D Production

    I bake the whole salmon fillet, prepare a salad, and munch on plantain chips and olives. I save the rest of the salmon for meal prep and then roast cauliflower and cook brown rice for lunch tomorrow. I find having cooked grains and roasted veggies on hand extremely helpful for when I want to prepare a fast meal.

    I really wanted a chill night, but am going to just have to deal. These are the moments that make me excited to move to a new place. My place now is amazing, but way too small to have lots of people over. I end up shutting my sliding door I don't have a real door and trying to relax in my room. They all leave for ice cream soon after, and I'm extremely relieved. Even though all the lights are on and there's def some movement, I fall into a deep slumber.

    Getting to bed early really sets the tone for my day. Day Six. I get up and meditate for 10 minutes in bed. I've stopped doing guided meditation on the Calm app, and instead use it's bell function.

    Why Should I be Frugal, When I’m So Rich?

    Every five minutes, a little bell goes off to remind me how long I've been sitting. I really enjoy this time to myself. I haven't considered getting the unlimited pass because I don't use the subway that much over the weekend. I snack on half an avocado and love how I can just scoop it out with a spoon. I chat with my boyfriend and mom on the phone while I bask in the sun.

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    Each splurge continues a cycle of unhappiness that can have a serious impact on physical and mental wellbeing. W ellness is big business. So perhaps it was only a matter of time before we turned our attention to cleaning up our spending, too. Money Dashboard , for example, lets you view all of your incomings and outgoings including credit cards, current accounts and savings all in one place. It then cleverly groups similar transactions together to highlight exactly how much you spend - handy for shocking you into cutting back on eating out, or taking your own coffee to work.

    This week, I helped a year-old woman, who was an ostrich all her life when it came to money. A fter speaking to Conway-Hughes, my mood is lighter and my wallet heavier — I resist the urge to Uber home from book club that evening, saving myself a tenner. My financial house may not yet be clean, but those cupboards are starting to feel a little tidier.